Aluminium Cut Wire Shots

Aluminium Cut Wire Shot is made from aluminium alloy wire of various diameters by means of special cutting machines. Due to its low hardness any rounding (conditioning) afterwards is hardly necessary.

Aluminium-cut wire shots

To make aluminium-cut wire shots, specialised equipment is utilised to cut aluminium alloy wire of varied diameters. These shots with lesser hardness often do not need further rounding or conditioning. These materials are used in the shot blasting, deburring, and purifying operations of aluminium and magnesium die casting and forging. These shots, which vary in size from 0.60 mm to 1.60 mm, offer effective surface treatment options for a variety of industrial applications.

Aluminium Die Castings Shot blasting Deburring, Cleaning
Magnesium Die Castings Shot blasting Deburring, Cleaning
Aluminium Forgings Deburring, Cleaning
0.60 mm | 0.023”
0.70 mm | 0.028”
0.80 mm | 0.032”
0.90 mm | 0.035”
1.00 mm | 0.041”
1.20 mm | 0.047”
1.40 mm | 0.054”
1.60 mm | 0.062”

Customised to your unique needs.

  • Cylindrical (As-cut)Zinc Shot manufacturers
  • ConditionedSteel Cut Wire Shot - Aluminum Shot

Other than above mentioned specifications Suntec Cut Wire Shot is available in other sizes and grades as per customer’s requirement.


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