Steel cut wire shots manufacturer in India

Cut Wire Shots Manufacturers In India for Shot Blasting and Shot Peening.

Cut Wire Shots can be made from different materials such as Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Zinc, Brass, Copper, or other metal alloys, etc. They are usually cylindrical or spherical in shape and these Cut Wire Shots are made into those shapes by equally cutting them in length and diameters accordingly. These cut wire shots are used as abrasive media for two major purposes which are “shot blasting and shot peening” processes.

There are different types of cut wire shots that are found and used for different needs some types are stainless steel cut wire shots, aluminum cut wire shots, copper cut wire shots, spherical cut wire shots, round cut wire shots, Carbon Steel Cut Wire Shots, etc.

Shot Blasting:

Shot blasting is a process that is used to remove any dirt oil or any other unwanted upper surface such as rust on any metal or other industrial surfaces through the abrasive material to make that surface smooth. In the process of shot blasting as an abrasive material, Cut Wire Shots are needed and used. This process can be mainly found in Cleaning iron or steel surfaces, preparing smooth surfaces for painting, cleaning rods, etc.

Shot blasting is predominantly used in every industry that uses metal. It also includes some major industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Forge & Foundry, Railway, Construction, energy, Machinery & Equipment, Shipbuilding, etc

Shot Peening:

Shot peening is a process that is used as the final touch for the metal parts or body to prevent fatigue and stress corrosion and also to enhance the prolonged lifetime of the metals.

Suntec Enterprises” are the Cut Wire Shots Manufacturers in India and we produce the ‘cut wire shots’ for all the above Industrial needs ‘shot blasting and shot peening’ as per the client’s requirements and customization. we provide cut wire shots ranging from as small as 0.20mm to 2.50mm. Also, we can provide the cut wire shots with 40-64 HRC of hardness to cater to the product’s specific needs. Along with that, we do offer customized mixes based on our client’s requirements.

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