Stainless Steel Round Cut Wire Shots

Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal Cut Wire Shot

Cut Wire Shot is an abrasive material that is used for shot blasting and shot peening processes in any metals or surfaces. Though the cut wire shots can be made with various metals they all can be classified into two major groups Ferrous and Non-errous metals.

What is known as Ferrous Metal? 

Any metal that contains Iron in it called Ferrous Metal. These metals are used for their durability and higher resistance. So mostly these metals are used in industrial purposes such as extensive piping, producing industrial containers, building construction, etc.

The most known and common ferrous metals in Cut Wire Shot include alloy steel, carbon steel, and Steel.

What are Non-Ferrous Metals?

Non-ferrous metals are material that doesn’t contain any Iron in it.  Since these metals are not contained iron in them, they are lighter than ferrous metals in weight. Hence they are lighter than ferrous these metals were used in industries that required a higher strength needed with less weight. Since non-ferrous metals are higher resistance to rust and corrosion they are mostly used in the aircraft industry.

Materials such as Aluminium, Copper, brass, bronze, and zinc are the most used non-ferrous Cut Wire Shot metals.

We at “Suntec Enterprises” manufacture Cut Wire Shots from both ferrous and non-ferrous materials such as stainless steel cut wire shots, carbon steel cut wire shots, Aluminum Cut Wire Shots, and Copper and Zinc cut wire shots.

We do also provide cut wire shorts in different shapes and sizes such as spherical cut wire shots,  pellet cut wire shots, and round cut wire shots. We also give the option for the clients to customize their needs of shapes in their Cut Wire Shots such as Cylindrical (As-cut) or Conditioned as per their needs and requirements. We can also produce these shots with different compositions, diameters, and shapes according to the customer’s requirements.



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