AMS 2431 cut wire shot

Varieties of Materials in the Cut Wire Shot

Cut wire shots are made from various types of metals. These metals are used on different materials for different purposes.

Steel Cut Wire Shots:

Steel cut wire shot plays a vital role in the majority of processes where non-ferrous components such as copper, aluminium, etc can explode or may pollute and be hazardous. Since they are made with high-quality metal, they are mostly used by many instructional needs for safety purposes they are one of the most used metals in the Cut Wire Shots.

Stainless steel cut wire shot:

It is used for cleaning and peening purpose in various processes where non-ferrous metals may contaminate and can be dangerous.  They are used in shot blasting and to avoid corrosion on surfaces.

Carbon Steel Cut Wire Shot:

It is mostly used as a substitute for steel abrasives. These Cut Wire Shots are used in the process where heavier abrasive hardness is needed for the shot blasting and shot peening. It is used for safety from contamination.

Aluminium Cut Wire Shots:

This metal is ideal for many industrial purposes such as shot blast cleaning, finishing the surfaces, and getting rid of aluminium castings, and forgings. It will not leave any no ferrous residue on surfaces.

Copper Cut Wire Shots:

Copper-cut wire shots are used to clean the most crucial parts.  It is used to clean metal surfaces where it has the power to conduct heat or electricity. It is also used to remove paint on tools, paint hooks, etc.

Zinc Cut Wire Shots:

Zinc Cut wire Shots are the softest abrasives but along with that it also does have a higher density. These Zinc Cut wire Shots are used as the additional corrosion resistance. They are used for removing powder or paint coatings without damaging any material.

All these above-mentioned cut wire shots are available at “Suntec Enterprises” with high-quality materials. All these wire shots can be provided in different shapes and diameters such as spherical, round, and pellet cut wire by us according to the client’s needs and their requirements.


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