Carbon Steel
Cut Wire Shot

Carbon steel cut wire is a type of material that’s widely and commonly used in various industries for different purposes. From manufacturing to construction, its versatility and durability makes it a popular choice for many uses. Let us learn more about what carbon steel cut wire is, its properties, applications, and benefits.

What is Carbon Steel Cut Wire?

Carbon steel cut wire is made from good and high quality carbon steel, that is a mix of iron and carbon. It is made by cutting steel wire into small and equal sizes and lengths. These lengths can vary depending on the specific requirements of the use and customers. The manufacturing process involves cutting and can include additional uses as well, such as cleaning, deburring, and coating to enhance its properties.

Shot Blasting
Shot peening
Peen forming
Surface preparation
Concrete and natural stone cleaning
DIN 8201-4
AMS 2431/4
AMS 2431/8
SAE J441

Customised to your unique needs.

  • Cylindrical (As-cut)VDFI 8001 cut wire shot, carbon steel cut wire
  • ConditionedVDFI 8001 cut wire shot, carbon steel cut wire

We can produce these shots with according to customer’s requirement.

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