Copper Steel Cut Wire Shots

SUNTEC Enterprises welcomes you. Our copper cut wire shots find usage in various industrial applications. As an illustration, it is applicable for cleansing parts that call for conductivity, taking off paint from tooling, paint hooks, and other uses. A reliable product is created with the highest quality materials used in our copper cut wire shots. In addition, it can endure the most difficult tasks. The craftsmanship at SUNTEC Enterprises is truly admirable.

Shots of copper-steel wire

Copper-steel cut wire shoots are very adaptable and widely employed in a wide range of industrial applications. These discharges have been particularly designed for the purification of conductivity-required portions, as well as the extraction of paint from tooling and paint hangers, among many other uses. SUNTEC Enterprises is happy to employ high-quality materials in the production of trustworthy goods that can withstand even the most difficult demands. Our copper-cut wire shots meet industrial requirements such as DIN 8201-4, SAE AMS 2431/4, and SAE J441.

Shot Blasting
Shot peening
Peen forming
Surface preparation
Concrete and natural stone cleaning
DIN 8201-4
SAE AMS 2431/4
SAE J441

Customised to your unique needs.

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We can produce these shots with different diameters, composition, shape according to customer’s requirement.

Careful machining and polishing of our wire shots achieve a smooth and consistent finish. Our wire shots remain durable even in the toughest conditions due to our focus on detail. Our copper cut wire shots are perfect for precision cleaning and various industrial applications due to their high level of conductivity and corrosion-resistant qualities.

Complete Customer Satisfaction

You require a SUNTEC Enterprises product that can sustain the demands of your job. Our reason for giving complementary samples and a 30-day refund policy is to serve you better. Our aim is to go beyond your expectations with our copper cut wire shots. Moreover, our goal is to guarantee your satisfaction with your purchase. Don't hesitate to ask us for more details or clarification regarding our copper cut wire shots. Let us aid you in discovering the flawless product that fits your industrial requirements.

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