Pellet Cut Wire Abrasive Media & AMS 2431 Cut Wire Shot

Cut Wire Shot is an abrasive media used for shot blasting and shot peening processes. It is available in ferrous metals like Steel, Copper and non-ferrous metal alloys such as Stainless Steel, Copper, Zinc, Aluminum and Brass. Cut Wire Shot to be used depends upon its use, application process and nature of material to be shot blasted or peened

Why Cut Wire Shot?

  • Best Quality Metallic Abrasives
  • Timely Delivery of products supplies
  • Competitive pricing
  • Use of high-quality raw materials
  • Customized solutions
  • Prompt after sales service and support
  • Superior packaging to protect products from Atmospheric Moisture
  • Transparency in all dealings


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  • AutomotiveAutomotive
  • Forge & FoundaryForge & Foundary
  • RailwayRailway
  • ConstructionConstruction
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You are welcome to SUNTEC Enterprises. We provide the highest quality VDFI 8001 cut wire shot for industrial purposes. We have stainless steel cut wire shots ideal for shot blasting on metals such as investment castings, brass components, aluminium die castings, etc. Also, their efficiency is heightened when applied to metals that can be negatively influenced by carbon pollution.With the best quality materials that are on hand, we produce our cut wire shots. Furthermore, they provide optimal performance and durability. With our shots being available, you can easily find the perfect shot for your job in various sizes and shapes. Our cut wire shots are non-toxic and eco-friendly, proving to be a great choice for industrial applications.In addition

The Perfect Abrasive For Your Workspace

We do not just offer top-notch cut wire abrasives but also provide our clients with professional guidance and assistance at SUNTEC Enterprises. For every job, our skilled team can provide customized recommendations and assist you in selecting the best shot. We pledge to present our patrons with the most exceptional value and supreme quality wares that are accessible.SUNTEC Enterprises is the perfect solution for your industrial project's spherical cut wire shots. Superior performance guaranteed! Our commitment to quality and customer service backs all of our products. Contact us now to figure out how our cut wire shots can support you in finishing your work.

What are cut wire shots?

Shot peening and shot blasting procedures rely heavily on cut wire shoots or abrasive material. Our offerings include an extensive range of material choices including but not limited to both ferrous metals such as copper and steel, and non-ferrous alloys like aluminium, stainless steel and zinc. The diversity we provide ensures that you may get the exact cut wire shot you need for your individual processing demands and material specifications.

What makes buying Cut Wire Shot from us a wise choice? Let us explain:

1) Highest Quality Metallic Abrasives: We are happy to supply high-quality items that meet the highest industry standards. To guarantee great performance and lifespan, our cut wire shot products are constructed using high-quality raw materials.

2) On-Time Delivery: We understand the importance of keeping to a timetable. As a result, we place a great value on delivering orders on time to guarantee that they reach you when needed.

3) Competitive Pricing: We have fixed our rates so that we can compete in the market without sacrificing quality. We aim to ensure remarkable value for your contribution through facilitating affordable solutions.

Besides these vital pieces, we give custom solutions shaped to fit your exclusive demands. Our devoted staff is always ready to provide prompt post-sales service and support. Furthermore, our superior packaging protects our items from air humidity while they are in transit or stored.