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  Carbon Steel Cut Wire Shots Steel Cut Wire Shots Steel Cut Wire Shot
Shapes As-cut Normal (G1) Special (G3)
Description Cylindrical with Sharp Edges Corners Prerounded Spherical
Specification SAE J441 SAE J441 VDFI 8001 AMS 2431/3
MS 2431/4 AMS

We deal with cut wire shot day in and day out. They constitute the original core DNA of our Company and we don’t do anything else. 100% Focus! So it just makes sense that with a focus such as this, we have applied our reasearch over the years on improving the quality of our product.

Quality Control Measures

At Suntec Enterprises, our product goes through the following testing processes thus ensuring high quality finished product

  • Stainless Steel Cut Wire Shots
    Hardness Tester

    The right hardness will create the ideal kinetic energy which will inturn influence the working efficiency. The right hardness of the abrasive media will ensure lesser abrasive consumption.

  • Cut Wire Steel Shots Manufacturer
    Chemical Composition

    Chemical Composition is the main index of steel shot. A perfect chemical composition will result in good micro structure and heat treatment result.

  • Steel Cut Wire Pellets - Manufacturer
    Size Distribution

    Every grade of steel shot contains different sizes of particles. The number of particles in a certain weight decides the function of that particular grade. A good size distributionresults in production of moderate kinetic energy and coverage, which becomes ery critical to get the ideal surface treatment effect.

  • Steel Cut Wire Pellet Manufacture

    Microstructure is closely related to the anti-fatique property of the steel shot. A good microstructure will give a greater impact resistnce and a longer life.


  • Quality Management system: Two way quality check
  • Quality assurance system of ISO 9001:2015
  • Shot finder
  • Conduct process audit periodically
  • Optimization techniques to improve cost efficiencies
  • Media

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