Stainless Steel Round Cut Wire Shots in India

Do you seek an efficient and cost-effective shot-blasting solution? Suntec Enterprises should be your ultimate choice! We are a top manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of stainless steel round cut wire shots in India of superior quality. The steel wires that we utilize in making our pellets have various diameters. These diameters range from as low as 0 all the way up to an extensive range. 2mm to 1. With a range of 40-64 HRC, the item measures 5mm in hardness. Our stainless steel shots wire shots are shaped cylindrically to aid in preventing denting and dust.

Shots of Stainless Steel Cut Wire

Stainless steel cut wire shots are the most cost-effective and efficient shot-blasting method. Suntec Enterprises, a leading manufacturer and supplier in India, provides high-quality stainless steel round-cut wire shoots. These pellets are made from steel wires of variable thickness and hardness levels. They are cylindrical in shape to prevent dents and dust collection. Our stainless steel shots are widely used in operations such as shot blasting, shot peening, deburring, desanding, descaling, peen formation, fettling, surface preparation, concrete cleansing, and natural stone cleaning.

Shot Blasting
Shot peening
Peen forming
Surface preparation
Concrete and natural stone cleaning
AISI 430
AISI 202
AISI 304

Customised to your unique needs.

  • Cylindrical (As-cut)copper cut wire shots
  • ConditionedSS shot

We can produce these shots with according to customer’s requirement.

Our customers' customized needs are met through our provision of AS-Cut and Round/Conditioned pellets. Meeting global standards like IS:5873-1970, SAE, BSS and DIN, our pellets are of high quality. The fluent flow of our SS shots during shot blasting and peening operations has gained recognition, along with their cost advantage over steel shots, longer lifespan in comparison to steel shots, regular cleaning and comparatively radiant surface.

Get The Best SS Shots At Highly Competitive Prices

Customers’ precise requirements are met with our dependable, steady, and punctual services. Make preparations to try the absolute best stainless steel round cut wire shots offered by SUNTEC Enterprises. Suntec Enterprises present superior shot blasting through their Steel Cut Wire Pellets. Contact us today to obtain the most affordable market prices for our superior shot blasting solution.

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