Zinc Steel
Cut Wire Shot

Prevents Ferrous Contamination when blasting or peening stainless steel, titanium, aluminum or other non-ferrous work objects.

Conditioned carbon steel Cut Wire Shot for blast cleaning and shot peening is made from stainless steel wire of selected grade, diameter and tensile strength by means of special cutting machines. For shot peening and special requirements (e.g.start-up-mix) it can also be conditioned afterwards. Due to its bigger cold solidification grade AISI 301/302 (1.4310) is especially qualified for shot peening

Shot Blasting
Shot peening
Peen forming
Surface preparation
Concrete and natural stone cleaning
DIN 8201-4
SAE AMS 2431/4
SAE J441

Customised to your unique needs.

  • Cylindrical (As-cut)Copper Cut Wire Shots - Shot Blasting
  • ConditionedZinc Cut Wire Shots Manufacturers

We can produce these shots with different diameters, composition, shape according to customer’s requirement.

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