Zinc Cut Wire Shot Manufacturer

SUNTEC Enterprises is a top zinc cut wire shot manufacturer. Zinc cut wire shots manufactured by us perform several tasks like deburring aluminium die castings, stripping paint and removing powder coatings. Additionally, they are efficient in obtaining a sleek surface texture. Our product is designed with our customer's needs in mind and is of exceptional quality, which we take great pride in. As the top zinc cut wire shot manufacturer in India, we ensure we use quality zinc from reliable sources.

Manufacturer of Zinc Cut Wire Shot

Our zinc cut wire shot selection is intended to meet a wide variety of client requirements. High-quality zinc cut wire shots are specifically designed for tasks such as deburring aluminium die castings, paint stripping, and powder coating removal. Our wire shoots, with a top diameter of 2.4mm, are not as strong as stainless steel cut wire or cast products. They virtually reduce the wear and tear on shot blasting systems, making them more cost effective in the long run. Contact us immediately to get first-rate outcomes in your shot-blasting procedure.

Shot Blasting
Shot peening
Peen forming
Surface preparation
Concrete and natural stone cleaning
DIN 8201-4
SAE AMS 2431/4
SAE J441

Customised to your unique needs.

  • Cylindrical (As-cut)Copper Cut Wire Shots - Shot Blasting
  • ConditionedZinc Cut Wire Shots Manufacturers

We can produce these shots with different diameters, composition, shape according to customer’s requirement.

It is designed in various conditioning degrees, like regular conditioning, making it perfect for your needs. Moreover, our wire shots are available in a maximum diameter of 2.4mm and are softer than stainless steel cut wire or cast results.

Multiple Application of Zinc Cut Wire Shots

Our zinc cut wire shot is an excellent choice for sand removal, deburring, and deflashing of non-ferrous elements, and it is available at highly-competitive rates. Our products decrease wear and tear on shot blasting equipment, making them great value for money. So, if you're looking for a reputed zinc cut wire shot manufacturer, look no further than SUNTEC Enterprises. Our products are guaranteed the best results, making your shot-blasting process quicker and smoother. If you are interested in our zinc cut wire shot, please get in contact with us right away.

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